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RYB Denim : Not Your Mom Jeans

Fashion meets function when Ride Your Bike Denim…

words, photography, and model : Nicole Ortega (@de_mis_ojos)

Fashion meets function when Ride Your Bike Denim tailored the perfect denim pants and shorts for you and me. Check them out! With superb details, these well thought out jeans meet all of my active cycling lifestyle and commuter needs.

  1. The high rise backside is the perfect height so you’re sure to conceal when you’re riding or bending.
  2. The night time reflective stripes on the cuffs are a sweet safety bonus. 
  3. The reinforced crotch with patented seat gusset design is quintessential! Burn not through these, for they are made to last.
  4. Tired of fake or shallow pockets? Me too! The front and back pockets are sewn deep to keep your stuff safe.
  5. The sewn-in bike lock holster is ideal for bagless rides or on-the-body convenience – eliminating the need to rummage through your bag. 

…it’s nice to feel like I don’t scream “bike nerd” with my clothing.

I adore my RYBs. They permit your muscles to breath because they are MADE for movement. It’s amazing to finally wear denim on the saddle for an extended period of time in comfort! Also… I love being a cyclist, so it’s nice to ride my bike somewhere and feel like I don’t scream “bike nerd” with my clothing. These jeans have an urban look to them that effortlessly discards that issue. Own one pair, guys and gals, and you’ll be sure to burn every pair of jorts and humdrum cycling shorts you own. 

Give them a follow and learn how and where to purchase! 
IG: @rybdenim – website coming soon!


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