Native Lands Classic

Grab some teammates and head north, our friends in Tulsa are putting on a Gentlemen’s Gravel Race!

Native Lands Classic
March 18, 2017
Tulsa, Oklahoma


from Tanner Culbreath :
March 17th Friday night, we will kick off the weekend with a mini expo at the brewery. This expo will showcase some of our local builders, and give people a chance to test ride a bike if they’d like. Saturday (race/adventure day) will start early with coffee and pastries (breakfast burritos for purchase), and we will begin sending teams out onto the course. The route is new each year, and a Garmin file is sent out on Friday night. No course preview the day before. We allow you to use a cue sheet if necessary, but nothing beats the turn-by-turn of the Garmin! The course has 3-4 checkpoints that must be met in order to finish and not receive a time penalty. We have options for the solo riders, teams of two, womens teams (4 person), and mens teams (5 person). In the spirit of the gentlemens race, you and your team will work together to make the trek successfully, and in the shortest amount of time possible. Native Lands is about adventure. Its about perseverance. We know you won’t be disappointed!


The course is mixed terrain with about 50/50 gravel and pavement, and heads out North of Tulsa into some of the Osage Counties most scenic hills. The ride/race is amazing, and we are sure you will love it! Get your team together, and come up for an a great time! Entry includes a post race meal, and beer!


Visit our website, follow us on Facebook for updates, or get on Bikereg and sign up!

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