Crit Season Begins Anew: and All Texas Cyclists Rejoice

Well, it’s here. Race season openers are here – finally.

King Racing Group’s Thursday Nighter starts at Fair Park in Dallas tonight, and Holland Racing’s perennially cool Driveway Series gets started up March 16.

This is the week you spandex-clad roadies have waited for since late last summer. The diets were dialed in starting in January, the miles increased exponentially a few weeks ago and you said farewell to your loved ones as the focus turned back to the bike for another season of road racing. With Cedar Hill and Pace Bend and Lago Vista in the (rainy. cold.) books, it’s time for the best bicycle racing in the state to start up, ladies and gentlemen: crit season is here.

This week is what you’ve dreamt about, tucked in bed each night as your beautiful bicycle languished through those dark winter months. Since racing finished oh-so many long months ago, you’ve endured rainy days that kept you off the bike, cold mornings that forced you onto the trainer – those days when you just couldn’t manage to HTFU – because Texas winters, man, they suck. There’s no mountain snow, no breathtaking vistas to let you enjoy the winter solstice. Here, it’s cold, windy as hell and generally not all that pleasant for putting in 80 miles on a Saturday morning. Unless, of course, it was the other type of Texas winter day – the bipolar weather patterns in the Lone Star State – that bring temps in the mid 50s with bright sunshine and blue skies that had you dreaming of glorious rides under the hot, Texas sun; those are the winter days that get your ready for the start line, for clipping in and taking corners at 30 mph next to the guys and gals you will happily train with on the Southie, but hammer past on the backside just to get a jump on heading into the next corner.

Here’s a look at what’s on tap as the Fair Park and Driveway races get started. Up first, KRG’s Thursday nighter:

The one-and-only Ms. Ginny King always rolls out the proverbial red carpet for King Racing Group’s opening nights “under the lights,” and this start to the 5th season at Fair Park is no different. Racers and fans alike can count on music, beer, vendor setups and a whole lot of good friends and fun to be had in the shadows of the Dallas skyline.

Red BULL’s MXT custom-built event truck, nicknamed Party in a Box, will be a very cool, albeit foreboding presence tonight. We’re not all that sure what exactly this is – we’re guessing it’s not as dodgy as the T$A short bus – but it’s probably going to be a pretty neat addition to the atmosphere as the races get started under the lights tonight.

The chips are in for this one: all bicycles will be have chip-timing devices to ensure everyone gets placed as they roll through the finish line – so if you’re first (this means you … Crosby, LeBauve, Stephens, Keppler, Bain, Carlson …) 15th or last (we won’t list the names) you’ll be scored. And YES, to race, you MUST have a chip on your bicycle. Sorry kids, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Hop on board. Or something like that. Short story: want to race, you need a chip. (Find out more specifics on the KRG Facebook page)

Click HERE for a complete list of all of Texas’ Weeknight World Championships! Promoters we want to hear from you!

See ya at the races!

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