Robert Wray

Robert is the publisher, founder, and button-pushin' monkey of TexasBikeRacing.com. He has 15 years’ experience in graphic design, art and creative direction, copywriting, brand development, marketing, and creative management. He lives in Austin and has developed a niche in the lifestyle and sports industry with clients including Harley-Davidson, Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, and numerous cycling brands. He’s a big fan of coffee and anything with wheels.

Email him at gofast at texasbikeracing dot com

Anne Clarrissimeaux

Anne Clarrissimeaux loves sports — and can usually be found working a broadcast for a national sports television network – but in her spare time, she writes feature stories on cyclists for TexasBikeRacing. It helps she likes the sport and that Texas bike racers are pretty darn interesting, both on and off the bike. Her crazy last name comes from the cyclocross mecca of Belgium (her family’s home is just 72km from Oudenaarde), so combined with her love of everything European, it’s no wonder she’s a cycling fan. And if you see Anne at a Dallas area bike race, her border collie will probably be there too, trying to run alongside the racers. She promises she won’t drop the leash.

Adam Spears

Adam is what we call a “perma-three,” a Cat 3 racer who admires the hard work and dedication it takes to compete at those elite levels … but with his penchant for a nicely crafted beer and a tendency to choose brunch over a hard 100 miles on a Sunday, he’s probably going to stay put with that perma-three classification. And he’s fine with letting his fellow baldies like Chris Powers stay super skinny – and much, much faster on the bike. However, he does love to ride, race, and even write about it. Many people know of Adam for his #QuestForFifty as he raced 50 cyclocross races in the 2015 season, culminating in taking the line at CX Nats in Asheville, NC. A lover of food, bourbon, brunettes and travel, there’s one thing Adam’s really committed to on the bike: he #willraceforbeer any chance he can. Recently he joined Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Fort Worth as the new GM.

Doogie Roux

Doogie Roux is a proud Cajun-Texan, does a lot of stuff, and doesn't sleep much. He’s a big part of the Houston cycling family, as well as a connoisseur of fine food joints in the Bayou City and abroad. He may lack the endurance that most of his competition maintains, but his bursts are incredible, and he always finishes strong. He continually dominates the "Handup Category" in cyclocross, all while producing decent photos and writing about amazing things. What he appreciates most about the Texas cycling community is its diversity and how it all comes together to create an amazing culture of love and acceptance in our giant state.

Aaron Nelson

Aaron 'Earl Blaque' Nelson - a man with many names and many hats in the San Antonio cycling community. Aaron/Earl (your call) is the owner of Jelly and Jam Racing Company – an event promotion business focused on cycling. He has also started a coaching service under the Jelly and Jam Racing brand. Over the years, he has become the 'go to guy' for information about any and everything in the SA cycling scene. Aaron is a competitor in the Texas cycling circuit and is happily and comfortably categorized as a road 3.

Likes: craft beer, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, whiskey, criterium racing, time trials, watching cyclo-cross, and guitar.

Dislikes: Racing cyclo-cross, pinch flats, diets, training more than 10 hours a week, and chip seal.